Save Money with Cremation Pre-Planning

Discussing cost savings with cremation pre-planning

How to Save Money on Your Cremation by Planning Ahead

We understand that talking about your final wishes can be hard to discuss. However, not many people realize how beneficial it is to pre-plan for end-of-life services. Not only does it directly benefit your family, but it also will benefit you financially in the long-run.

When you plan ahead for your cremation and prepay, you lock in all costs associated with your cremation at today’s price. It’s an investment, and by doing this, you avoid future cost increases. Since your cremation will likely be quite a few years in the future, locking in at today’s prices can result in significant cost savings which can benefit both you and your family.


Why Cremation Pre-Planning is Financially Beneficial

Not everyone likes to pre-plan, particularly about end-of-life decisions. However, there are many financial benefits to making the decision to pre-plan cremation such as:

  •         Cremation services can be locked in at today’s prices
  •         Avoids future cost increases
  •         Guarantees your family will not have to pay more in the future
  •         Relieves loved ones of financial responsibility for your cremation
  •         Your wishes will be carried out exactly as you want them to be
  •         Eliminate the emotional burden on your loved ones

At All County Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer full cremation services and we can help you to understand what is involved in pre-planning your cremation.

How to Pre-Plan Your Cremation

There are several factors involved in pre-planning cremation. The remains will be burned to ash, leaving behind what is usually referred to as “cremains.” The cremains may be scattered, kept by the family in an urn, buried, or interred in a columbarium.

If you want your cremains buried in a cemetery, you may need to buy a cemetery plot. If you prefer they be entombed, you may want to buy space in a columbarium. Or if you’d like your remains to be scattered, let family members know if there is a place that you would like for them to carry out this wish.

Planning Cremation Services

Your family and friends may still want a service to celebrate your life. Well, just because you choose to be cremated does not mean there won’t be a service. You can choose to have any type of cremation service that feels right to you, such as a traditional funeral before the cremation or a memorial service after the cremation. If you are having your cremains buried in a cemetery, you may wish to have a graveside ceremony. Spend some time thinking about what type of service you would like to have and let your loved ones know.

Other Considerations for Pre-Planning Cremation

These may be tough decisions to make. But whatever decisions you make about your cremation will affect what items need to be purchased. You may need to buy a casket if you are having a traditional funeral before your cremation, or an urn if you are not. If the cremains will be buried in a cemetery, you will have to find out any requirements regarding a burial container.

As these decisions are made, you will be able to determine the actual cost of your cremation and any associated products. Choosing to pay for them now will certainly save your family money in the long run and will provide genuine peace of mind to your loved ones when the time comes.

Learn more about how pre-planning your cremation service is a smart financial step by contacting us today.

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