What is as Travel Protection Plan and How Does It Work?

Why travel insurance is important to have.

What Is Travel Protection and Why You Need It?

A travel protection plan is an optional addition when preplanning for your own funeral or cremation. These plans provide peace of mind in knowing your time and money won't be spent in vain should your death occur in another state or even outside the country.

Why Buy a Travel Protection Plan?

Funeral homes and cremation providers serve limited geographical areas. While many providers have the capacity to retrieve and deliver remains to the proper facility, transportation is usually limited to a single town, city or metro area.

Should your passing take place outside that area, surviving family may incur significant expense while returning you to your provider's location. The expense becomes much higher if your death occurs in another state or country.

Many preplan their end-of-life needs to protect their loved ones from the financial burdens and difficult decisions associated with final arrangements. Sadly, you can't plan where your final moment may be.

With our travel protection, you can rest easy knowing that all the cost and logistics of getting your body back home is taken care of with one phone call. Even if it's in another country. That protection ensures:

  • Your arrangements are carried out, regardless of your location at death
  • Money spent prepaying funeral, cremation or burial expenses is not wasted
  • Your family is cared for by a funeral or cremation provider you've selected
  • Your loved ones will not be responsible for unexpected travel expenses

How Do Travel Protection Plans Work?

At All County Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer Transportation & Relocation Protection Plan (TRPP) options from MASA, which is a funeral benefits provider.

TRPP benefits ensure your remains are returned to your planned location if you pass away more than 75 miles from your legal residence. The benefit is guaranteed to all policyholders without limits on age, health or transportation expense.

Since there are no deductibles or claims forms associated with the process, your family gets peace of mind without jumping through unnecessary hoops during what is likely a time of grief for them.

A TRPP plan doesn't just cover the cost of transportation. It will also provide assistance with the logistics of getting you back home.

Our MASA TRPP plan provides your loved ones with assistance arranging transportation and finding local, licensed mortuaries or funeral homes to provide provisional care for your remains before and during the transportation process.

Choosing a Travel Protection Plan You Trust

Preplanning for future events involves selecting providers you trust. Longevity and quality of service are two factors that can help you determine whether a funeral benefits provider will still be around to fulfill your needs.

We work with MASA for this reason: It's one of the top providers of TRPP insurance and has served more than half a million families during their time of need.

Travel protection plans deliver peace of mind for you and your family. Contact our funeral experts today to discuss your options.

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